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An excellent attorney with great people skills! I had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Belchenko a few years back. We have hired her to help us wi…
I highly recommend the services of Olesia. She was effective with great follow up and stayed on top of our case. Will definitely hire again!
Klara Borsanyi
The associates at Olesia Y. Belchenko, Esquire were very professional and warm in responding to my needs as they represented me. They always had timel…
Aleksandr Lyamkin
Olesia is an awesome attorney! I highly recommend her. My firm has worked with her for years!
Gregg Podalsky
Olesia is one of the best lawyers I had to work with. Our case that many disregarded as “impossible to win” was executed perfectly by her and we got t…
Alexander Kiselev
Olesia drafted the contracts/ agreements for our firm, PEI. We had used these agreements with our clients for more than 7 years with successful result…
Oscar Gomez

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