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Everyday business decisions affect your company’s financial security and its potential liability, so having regular access to personalized legal services is vital to risk management and your company’s overall success. For many businesses, maintaining full-time in-house legal counsel is not practical. So, companies often turn to Olesia Y. Belchenko, P.A., as a solution.

We serve as a counsel to businesses in need of an ongoing legal representation spanning throughout a lifecycle of a business. Such structure allows us to learn our clients’ businesses from the inside, and to provide comprehensive legal services that reflect a true understanding of our clients’ priorities and demands of our clients’ industries.

What We Offer

Located in Miami, Florida, Olesia Y. Belchenko, P.A., provides ongoing business services to companies of all sizes, including:

• Corporate formation and incorporation

• Negotiating and drafting partnership and shareholder agreements

• Corporate book maintenance

• Trademark registration

• Preparation and filing of annual reports

• Preparation of corporate resolutions

• Negotiating and contracting with outside vendors

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In addition to the services listed, we often act as a sounding board for our clients, advising them on the potential benefits and drawbacks of various business decisions.

Business Lawyer

Ongoing Support

By stepping into the shoes of in-house counsel we are able to provide our clients with ongoing business advice and legal support. We fully immerse ourselves into your business, learning your industry, and the challenges and opportunities facing your company. This approach enables our clients to obtain the same high-level counsel typically reserved to internal corporate lawyers, while benefiting from the cost-effectiveness provided by an outside attorney.

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