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Business Lawyer in Miami

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Having a business lawyer is essential if you are a business owner. There are a lot of reasons why company owners like you hire business lawyers. It could be for fixing taxes, labor law, drafting contracts, closing a deal, or even checking real estate before expanding the business. 

You need to be strategic to grow your business and keep it out of trouble. Hence, hiring a business attorney to assist you is something that you need to do. All the legal issues in your business will be handled with proper knowledge and understanding– and that will help your business stay out of legal problems. You can focus more on other pressing matters as the business owner. 

Many business owners have little knowledge and experience when it comes to the legal matters of a business, and that is not something new. Business lawyers exist to assist business owners. You need to consult with them, and it is highly beneficial for your business to do so. 

If you are a business owner in Miami looking for a business lawyer, you are on the right website. Olesia Y. Belchenko is a business lawyer based in Miami. She has been assisting entrepreneurs with the following services: 

  • negotiations
  • contract drafting
  • checking of contracts and transactions
  • taxes
  • intellectual-property
  • employment law
  • immigration law
  • bankruptcy
  • collection and finance

Stay out of legal problems.

As a business owner, you have several things to deal with. You need to focus your energy on pressing matters of your company and business growth. Having legal problems will take a toll on your time, energy, money, and business image. Thus, you need a business lawyer to help you with business law compliance, taxes, labor law, contracts, and transactions. You can run your business smoothly with the assistance of an experienced business lawyer. 

If you have a business lawyer, you are confident that your business is protected. There might be legal concerns that are really hard to avoid, but that is okay because you have a business lawyer who will take care of all the legal matters in your business. 

The things that a business lawyer can do are: 

  • assist in setting up your business
  • draft and check contracts for partners, employees, or clients
  • do your taxes
  • can do general business consultation
  • review business transactions
  • represent you in a negotiation
  • assist in annual meetings
  • counsel you on your rights
  • handle legal disputes when they arise
  • protect you from litigation and foresee other legal problems
  • represent you in court in case of a commercial litigation

Get a business lawyer in Miami.

If you are a business owner in Miami, then it makes sense that you hire a business lawyer in Miami as well. If you are looking for an experienced and qualified business lawyer who has helped many business owners in Miami, call Olesia Y. Belchenko from Belchenko Law. 

Call us today. You can contact us at 1 (305) 200-5553.

There are a lot of factors affecting businesses, one mistake can backfire and crumble everything. There are things in businesses requiring months of strategic planning and that exists every business life cycle. Wherever stage your business in, Belchenko Law has a business lawyer who can assist you with every step of the way. Our practice here at Belchenko Law is focused on corporate and business litigation in Miami, Florida. 


What We Do 

Olesia Y. Belchenko is helping both small and big businesses. Whether you are a start-up or an established business, our firm is here for you. Belchenko Law represents business owners, emerging companies, established companies, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and organizations in different industries that include e-commerce, real estate, education, retail, food and beverage, professional services, and advertising. 


Our business lawyer, Olesia Y. Belchenko, has extensive experience in business disputes, litigation, employment, corporate transactions, general counsel services, mediation, and general business law. 

It is one of our goals to help our clients move forward with their business path with minimized legal risks. We are here to advise when it comes to legal aspects of business planning, long-term business strategies, management, and operations.


Belchenko Law Services


Business and Commercial Litigation

There are situations when litigation is unavoidable, but here at Belchenko Law, we strive to resolve disputes before moving to litigation. We aim to have strategies that resolve disputes quickly. In events where a dispute moves forward to litigation, Olesia Y. Belchenko, P.A. is here to represent your business.


She has resolved matters including: 


  • Contract, commercial and transactional disputes 
  • Business torts, such as breach of fiduciary duty, and tortuous interference claims 
  • Disputes among partners or other co-owners of businesses 
  • Breach of fiduciary duty claims, including challenges to management decisions, claims of self-dealing and conflict of interests, claims for accounting 
  • Foreclosures of securitized and traditional mortgages 
  • Landlord and tenant disputes


Corporate transactions

Belchenko Law is here to assist businesses with drafting contracts, negotiation, and protect financial interests. We help our clients with business formation, operations, and even dissolution. We assist in business financing, business reorganization, and business contracts. 


General Counsel Services

Nowadays, maintaining full-time in-house legal counsel is not practical because it costs too much. It is not every day that you experience a legal problem. That is why most businesses turn to Olesia Y. Belchenko for solutions. 


International Legal Support

Some businesses span across borders, it is best to have a business lawyer who knows other country’s legal systems, court structures, and business customs. Olesia Y. Belchenko, P.A., in Miami, Florida provides services on a global scale.



Olesia Belchenko is certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a Circuit Mediator. She has mediated with countless clients, resolving disputes while fostering a positive atmosphere to encourage a better outcome for all parties. She believes in a pragmatic approach.


We have been seeking solutions and assisting clients not only in Florida but from all over the world since 2013. Olesia Y. Belchenko, P.A. is here to deal with prosecution or defense lawsuits, business transactions, contracts, and legal consultation.